FilePolling Port getting removed

I’ve setup a filepolling port on my localhost and the processing service completes successfully. My issue is that following an integration server restart the port is removed.

Logs report:
2018-04-25 14:42:10 BST [ISS.0070.0028I] FilePollingListener:C:\ESB\work\filePoll\monitoring was removed.

Product info:
Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates IS_10.1_Core_Fix4
Build Number 99

My colleague has replicated port/service setup on his machine without encountering the issue. Any advice appreciated, thanks.


Does your Colleague’s machine follows with same IS setup and fix level’s etc… same as your configuration?


Hi rmg, yes it’s exactly the same, installed and updated from the same images - very weird. Must be another config option somewhere that’s different, however no idea what it could be!

Since you both are runnig the same version with fix levels, it could be due to corrupted WmRoot package on your IS, try to copy the WmRoot packages folder from the good IS to your packages folder and restart the IS. Make sure you shut down the IS, backup, copy and start your IS.

Remember to backup WmRoot/config/listeners.cnf before copying and restoring it after copying.

You should restart IS after that.


Hi, Thanks for your help, it’s very much appreciated. It was file system based and your suggestions have resolved the issue! Cheers :smiley: