Filepolling disabled but still processes files

Hi all,

As anybody faces the situation when a Filepolling is disabled and it still processes files ?

We are using IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix5

Are you sure even when disabled its processing…

But it’s weird and have you contacted SAG support on this?

I know it’s weird.

But I have no log or proof in order to ask the support…
And it just happened a few hours ago.

OK keep monitoring next time with screen shots if that strange issue happens again…Also it’s not a bad idea to let them know the issue for any pointers.


Hi Arnaud,

Whats your server configuration? Are you sure only single IS is listening to that directory? But it should not happen AFAIK.


Yes I would say please re-check the configuration or any other IS polling/schedule job is enabled mistakenly or some thing etc…it can be possible.