File Polling Port is enabled but shown as disabled.

The file polling ports are enabled yet they are shown as disabled on the Admin screen.
Also, when a port reflects it is disabled and a restart of webmethods takes place, the port will then reflect active again.

webMethods version :


Do you mean to say though it is in disabled state it’s still doing its functionality or is the port switching to disabled state quite frequently… Can you please give the details more clearly.


Hi Ankit,

wm.server.ports:getListener to get the properties of the port, make sure ‘enabled’ is true. to enable it again.

Kindly make use of above two services to resolve your issue and let us know your observations after implementing.


The port is shown as enabled after the wM restart but then after some time it is shown as disabled but still the files are getting picked from the directory. Trying to figure out why it is shown as disabled when it is active and a way to resolve it.

Thanks for your reply, I will perform the steps mentioned by you and will post my observation.

Delete the file polling port and re-create it again.