File handling.

Hi All,

My requirement is to pull the contents from 13 different flat files kept in a folder (windows server) and after performing some processing logics,I need to push these data in 13 different targets.Our webMethods is running on Unix server.
Initially I thought of using ftp to get the contents from the source folder.
But there is no ftp server installed at the source location.
So,finally we decided to share the folder between the windows server and the unix server so that the folder will act as a local one to both the server.But we are not sure how to process those files once the folder is shared.
Can anyone please guide me if I need to do ftp or I can access the files and get the contents by other means if the folder is shared.


You can simply use FilePolling port for retriving files.
It will work with a network shared folder as long as the user who started the service has privilege to access the folder.