Can someone suggest immediatletly on Flat File scenerio

Hello All,

I do have a scenerio where Flat Files are put into fileshare system (every 15 mins) thats residing in some location (Asia).

We have Web Methods Servers (version 6.1) both in Asia and US(our location). All we want to do is: pull the flat files from that fileshare system, transfer through WAN, and should receive those flat files using web Methods located in US. So, What would be the best way to handle this situation and how to process it. (do we need to think of using Trading Networks ?)

Has somebody come across this kind of situation and please advice regarding the same.

Appreciate all your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Use this method if you need to reformat the data. Do a NSF mount of the target box on to the sending box then use flat file services to move the data from one box to the other.

  2. Use to just move the file from one place to another. If you use file polling to know when a file is posted then you can map the fdata object to the content object and write it to the target system.

I hope this helps.


I prefer Page’s 2nd option which mentioned above…FTPing would be the ideal way to handle like this kind of situations.And if you use TN in then the transaction management(like processing and viewing)will be helpful if these files are realtime transactions.