Event driven architecture

I am using webmethods 7.1. I need to know how I can accomplish the following scenario -

I am getting flat files via push/pull mechanism on local File system. As soon as I receive these files, I want to trigger another webmethods flow that processes these files.

At a high level, I want to schedule only 1 job that gets these flat files and completes the entire process.

Can somebody please assist me here?


You can try File polling ports approach as it is going to be on the local filesystem. You can specify the processing service in the file polling port configuration.

Any other suggestions here would be appreciated.

Hi Dgoel,

you can have

  1. one schedule service look for that folder for any new files.
  2. Once a new file found, it can publish a document to notifi the new file arrival along with file name, folder and details.
  3. Develop a trigger service to consume the document based on the filename, or type invoke the trigger service. This way you can achieve multi threaded approach.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I think file polling way is still better because you can do the multi threading with that too and additionally it takes care of the problem of processing half transfered file. In other words it perform all functions itself where in scheduling process you create the scehdule,Trigger, Broker document, etc.