Calling Unix from Windows !!


I have a scenerio where webMethods residing on Windows machine needs to pull files (text files in precise) from a directory on the UNIX box.

I would like to know different ways to accomplish this and also is that possible to make a FTP calls from webMethods to retrieve the files from Unix boxes, if so, is that advisable?

Thanks for the support and sharing the experience.

Here are some options:

  • FTP is probably the most straight forward way. You can use the pub.client.ftp services in the WmPublic package.
  • You could also try mounting the Unix filesystem on Windows (or vice versa) by implementing NFS (eg: using Microsoft’s free ‘Services for Unix’ or Hummingbird Exceed) or Samba.
  • The Windows IS could invoke an external network-copy command (eg: scp, ftp, wget) to copy the files over from Unix.

Thanks Sonam !!!

I will try implementing using the first method you mentioned and hopefully that should be a smooth process.

I appreciate sharing the thoughts.