Mapping windows network shared folder location as remote location to a virtual folder


We are on WM 9.12 hosted on RHEL. Currently, we only see FTP, SFTP, FTPES, WEBDEV, etc… options while trying to point virtual folder to a remote location. But we have an interface to transfer files to a windows based network shared folder location. Does MFT support file transfers to windows shared folder? Do we have some protocol like samba (SMB) supported?

Please assist.

Does MFT support file transfers to windows shared folder? → Yes it should support as long as the ATS hosted machine can reach that windows network/shared folder (local or remote) LAN accessible with in the network and so thru configuring VFS to local/remote folders.


Hi RMG. Thanks for the response. I do not see any option to select Windows network shared location as my remote location in Virtual Folder Management. I only see FTP, FTPES, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, WEBDAV, and WEBDAVS. There is nothing like SMB or windows location. Could you please explain me if there is a way to create VFS location for a windows network shared location?

SMB comes with Active Transfer 10.x. If you can’t go to webMethods 10.x (10.1 is coming this autumn) you need to setup one of the supported protocols on the windows machine you want to reach.

You are going to a remote ‘file’ share. The host machine must have the correct permissions setup to access this file share on your network. Ex: Server1 is host, ServerA is remote location, and then have MWS where you setup your VFS at. You would go to Server1 to be sure you can access ServerA remote location: \serverA\e$. IF you can do that, then you can set it up in VFS as follows: Location: check mark in This folder has a physical location. Path: Local File Path. Actual path will be FILE:////serverA/e$/. After you enter that in, click on the elipse button and it should reach that ServerA remote location.

I remember checking with SAG support for this requirement. For 9.5, they confirmed it is possible to configure windows shared drive. Can you try ( FILE://///SharedFolder/) in VFS and confirm if this works?

Hi Thyagarajan, does it also work for password protected shared locations? Because, to give such path, I need to select as local path which does not ask for credentials. If I select remote path, then I need to select protocol :slight_smile:

If the webm user has access to that shared drive, the SAG support said it should work fine.

The syntax mentioned works just like the webMethods runtime user using the path for accessing files (as this is what it actually does), so you can do anything this user is allowed to do. It’s a valid way but it requires to give this user all needed permissions in the network.
If you need to use different user, you need to use a “remote” protocol like SFTP or SMB, but as said, SMB comes with 10.x.

Great Info Martin. Thank you!