Feature - Merge Existing User Accounts

I currently use my SwAG account as primary, but I also have an existing account (created before my SwAG account) with my personal email address. Unfortunately, the “secondary email” option only allows an unregistered address to be used.

I’d like to see a feature to merge existing accounts, as long as those accounts (i.e., email addresses) belong to me - this can be verified by confirmation emails.

In future, if I move to another organization or want to use my personal account as primary, I don’t want to lose the history/contributions on my current primary account. I suspect this is probably we have thousands of inactive accounts, and the merge feature can help with a cleanup of sorts.

A penny for your thoughts, @anon13459089, @toni.petrov, @Community-admin?



Hi Kasi,

@marielavd and @borislav.hristov should be able to help on this one. Can you guys check?



Hi Kasi,

We can merge your accounts. Please just let me know which is your personal email address and I can proceed with merging. Then you can use your Software AG account as primary and set your personal email address as secondary email.