FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS - April 2017 Release

April 2017 Release

Submitted by: Karlheinz Kronauer, Software AG Product Management; April 2017



Feature Highlights

Natural for DB2

NDB 8.4.1

  • Support of new DB2 v 12
  • Statement enhancements for Select and Merge
  • New Scalar and aggregate functions

Natural CICS Interface

NCI 8.3.3

  • zIIP Enablement of Natural under CICS
  • zIIP support for Client side Adabas Add-On products (e.g. AFP, ATM, AVI)
  • Delivered as Object code only (no assembly necessary)

Natural Com-plete


NCF 8.3.4

  • zIIP Enablement of Natural under Com-plete

Natural Optimizer


NOC 8.3.4

  • DFP (Decimal Floating Point) arithmetic support step 2
  • Further performance improvements

Adabas Manager (LUW)

AMN 8.2.5

  • Role-based security on application level
  • Display of FDT (File Descriptor Table)
Adabas  LUW ADA 6.5.1
  • Adabas Analytics support
  • Authentication and authorization for Adabas utilities
Adabas Analytics LUW EAL 2.1.0
  • Streaming capabilities to Apama and ElasticSearch (Kibana)

Adabas MF                

ADA 8.4.1 
  • Maintenance
  • Nucleus independence in Cluster
    (Buffer Flush & Online Recovery)
Event Replicator Server ARF 3.5.4
  • Maintenance
  • Replicate ciphered Adabas files
ApplinX APX 10.0
  • Start/Stop connection pools from inside ApplinX Designer
  • Provide list of entities that includes date/time last modified
  • Continue to support ApplinX Host Printing Applet (Printlet) by using Java Web Start
Adabas Cluster Services ALS 8.4.1
  • CF Failover (duplex)
  • Enhanced cluster robustness
  • Avoid ECSA usage
CONNX CXX 13.0.1
  • IBM Pass Phrases
  • Show field comments in CDD
  • Run DDL regardless of load
  • Adabas support e.g. Date/Time, security interface