Failure in uninstalling webMethods components

I had installed webMethods on windowsXP in this folder d:\webMethods6.

I recently wanted to uninstall the service pack 3.

When I ran the unistaller from control Panel add or remove programs it exited with this error.

Invalid -installDir option, cannot find d:\webMethods6"\install\jars\DistMan.jar. The uninstaller is exiting.

I guess the reason was that it was adding a " in the folder path.

The steps given below was taken by me to uninstall the component.

  1. I started a command prompt in the folder d:\webMethods6\install\jars.
  2. Executed the command ‘java -jar DistMan.jar -installDir d:\webMethods6’

This started the uninstaller and I was able to successfully uninstall the required component. I hope it would be of help to anyone in the future.



thanks , this really helped.

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