Failed to startup MWS 9.7 in Trial

Hello All,
When starting up MWS 9.7 trial version getting the below error message.
It was successfully got started at the first time,but after system restart I am getting the below error.

Please let me know If need to make any changes.

Using Window OS with Oracle Data Base.

Thanking in advance.
errors.log (9.37 KB)

I guess that cluster.xml file is corrupted. Can you check and find this file within MWS config.

And also check the below points:

1> When you start your MWS make sure your db is up and running
2> Restart the MWS
3> If still problem exits delete the default instance and create a new one (Refer MWS administration guide)
4> Last option is to uninstall and re-install as this is a fresh installation for you :slight_smile: