EXX801 Installing Workbench Plugin in Eclispse 3.4 from SAG

EXX801 is installed on my XP-Pro desktop and now I’m working on installing the workbench plugin for Eclipse. I’m using Eclispe 3.4 which came with EXX801. I will be retrieving the plugin from the installation CD. We do not have a ServLine24 account where we can connect for updates. The workbench plugin installation documentation states:

Installing the EntireX Workbench in Eclipse 3.4 requires enabling the “Classic Update” before you start the installation as described at Installing the EntireX Workbench Plug-ins.

The problem: I have looked numerous times in the Eclipse 3.4 software (from SAG) and cannot find the “Classic Update” checkbox as described. What do I do now? Thanks, Dave Love

Attached is screen print of Preferences>General>Capabilities.
noclassicbox.bmp (470 KB)

Hi Dave,

I’m a bit puzzled. I think EXX 801 comes with a Software AG Eclipse 3.3 which has the plug-ins pre-installed.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the Help -> About Eclipse dialogue ?

BTW my Eclipse 3.4 doesn’t show the Capabilities dialog at all …

Hi Rolf, my bad, I’m very new at Eclipse. Yes it is version 3.3:

Eclipse SDK

Version: 3.3.0
Build id: I20070625-1500

Ok, I’ll go back to the documentation to see find the workbench perspective.
Hopefully the problem is solved.
Dave Love

Hi Rolf, now I’m looking at the Eclipse wizard selection for Software AG plugins and cannot find any of the workbench tools, like the Natural IDL generator, etc. Please find attached the list of available wizards. What do I do next, thanks!
no-idl-wizard.bmp (160 KB)

Hi Dave,

looks like the EntireX plugin is either not installed or not enabled.

Restart Eclipse & check again. If it is still missing go to Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration and check for EntireX.

BTW please check EntireX Workbench 7.3 For Application Modernization - Technical Video Demonstrations. There are a few videos which show you the usage of the Eclipse Workbench. Some details might be different with 8.0.1 but it gives you a quick introduction.