Natural For Eclipse and Entire X Plugin

Trying to install on Designer ( Eclipse ) with EntireX plugins alredy installed, the NFE plugin, I can’t complete the installation process because of errors.
So, my question is: Is it possible to install NFE and Entire X plugin on the same Eclipse version? If yes, what’s the right version?
I know that using NaturalONE I have this and a lot of other things but I’ve no licence still and I want to use only one eclipse on my Windows PC to develope Java - Natural code and generate IDL file.
Thanks a lot for your help!!

For sure this is not the recommended nor the SAG tested way.
Do you really mean NFE? If yes, NFE is based on Eclipse 3.2, ONE 81 on Eclipse 3.4 and ONE 8.2 on Eclipse 3.6. At least this may cause problems because of different API’s.