Is it possible to execute natural code in NFE?

I’ve just installed Natural for Eclipse. I’ve downloaded code from Natural, edited, compiled & uploaded with no problem.

Is it possible to execute code within (or from) the Eclipse workspace? If so, how? Are additional plugins necessary? Run configuration?

Stevie Lee

AFAIK: No! You have to use a terminal session on the regarding server or something like that.

This is some of the disadvantges of Natural for Eclipse. By contrast, SPoD has a Terminal included - but to be honest: It’s not very stable :frowning:

Natural for Eclipse currently does not support this. However this is on our task list for the next release which can be expected this summer.

Hi Michel.

Actually is there a Natural 4 Eclipse release that resolve this issue???



Hello Braulio,

Natural for Eclipse 311 allows debug and execution of Natural programs on the server. This version is in “controlled release”. Please get in touch with your sales representative to get access to this version.

Natural for Eclipse 312 will be released end of september without restriction.


We now have NFE 3.2.1 - how do we set up the “run as” to allow the program to run locally? Does it still need the NWI client somewhere?

NaturalONE allows Natural program execution locally via the integrated Natural runtime.

With NaturalONE it is a good idea in general, to make use of the context menu entry ‘NaturalONE > Execute’. Using this entry, NaturalONE generates everything what is required for execution of a Natural object on the fly. Run As is to specific and belongs to one specific object.