A typical Natural environment allows the use of batchmode -

has anyone figured out how to use NaturalONE via a batch interface?

On our Unix and Linux servers we can use the following example

export CMPRINT=cmprint.txt
export CMPRT01=cmprt01.txt
export CMWKF01=cmwkf01.txt
export CMOBJIN=cmsynin.txt
export CMSYNIN=cmsynin.txt
natural parm=parmfile etid=$$ eta= auto=off batchmode madio=0 cmprint=$CMPRINT cmsynin=$CMSYNIN cmobjin=$CMOBJIN cmprt01=$CMPRT01 stack=(logon libname,username,password)

When I attempt to do the same using the runtime provided with NaturalONE - it tells me it must be started from the Eclipse interface and not the dos command line…

Has anybody been successful running a natural batch job from NaturalONE and Eclipse?


You can’t, NaturalONE is “just” an IDE.

If you are using the local Natural runtime only this won’t let you run in batch mode,
you’ll need to use your regular Natural runtime (LUW or mainframe) to run batch tests.


As an IDE, i would like to test ALL my source code in one place. Not just the online code.

Here is our setup…

  1. Natural LUW on Linux (and AIX)
  2. ADABAS LUW on Linux (and AIX)
  3. NaturalONE on Windows
    a) Private mode - not shared;
    b) Source code in GIT

Each developer is able to test their own online source code - in a sandbox as it were…

Problem is when I submit a batch job, the objects are in a private library and not accessible to the batch job…

For example -
steplib private library
AALIB T2221401
BBLIB T2221402
CCLIB T2221403

Given that NaturalONE, NSC, and the NDV server work together to manage the private libraries, I thought perhaps there might be a way for me to setup a batchmode environment to run at least a single step.

For now, we will have to require that batch source code be merged into the development branch for testing.



Support has confirmed Wolfgang’s statement, batchmode is not available in NaturalONE


Hi All,

now is it possible run in bachmode a program from Natural One?


No, and it never will be. NaturalONE is based on Eclipse, which is a development environment. You develop your modules in an Eclipse desktop environment, then deploy them to a run-time environment on mainframe or LUW.

LUW includes Natural for Windows, Natural for Unix, and Natural for OpenVMS.