EntireX Communicator Install

I am trying to create java src and classes using the IDL Extractor. It worked fine last year, but after getting a new PC, and reinstalling Eclipse-based Software AG Designer 8.2, I don’t see any of the EntireX Communicator Tools - including the Java RPC Wrapper or the IDL Extractor. (When I right click on my IDL I don’t see an option for create Java RPC).

Did I miss an option during the install, or is there a plugin that I need to get Java Wrapper and IDL Extractor Capability?

Thanks - Jim Ratzloff

Did you switch to the EntireX perspective ?

Yes, attached is a pdf of my designer workspace, showing the EntireX Perspective Label at the top, and what happens when I right click on the IDL - I don’t see generate Java RPC.
entirexidl_jratzloff_1.pdf (239 KB)

That’s not the EntireX perspective, you would switch to it via Window → Open Perspective in Eclipse.

Not sure though if you missed the install step for the EntireX plugin in the first place, as per    this documentation

My SAG Designer Help, Software Updates, Manage Configuration shows EntireX is installed. I can create java classes from my IDL Java source files, but I still don’t see the option to create Java RPC from IDL. (the IDL extractor). Also, when I go into Window, Preferences, I don’t see the EntireX Workbench Options under the Software AG listing (see pdf below).

I wonder if an uninstall, remove all files, then reinstall would correct the problem?

Thanks for your help.

StillNoEntireXunderPreferencesSAG.pdf (525 KB)
20120731_EntireXConfiguration.pdf (606 KB)