Extracting Custom External ID out of Flat File

We have a fixed length flat file defined in trading network. we want to use a custom external ID to match the senderId and receiverId. We can’t work out how to extract the Sender and Receiver other than using the DUNS or another built in external ID.



Hope you are using IS6.x version.

Select the UserDefined-1234567(as a custom ExternalId in the parterprofile)and when you are routing the flatfile to TN using wm.tn.doc.ff:routeFlatFile (input Stream,TN_params).
so before calling this service add a map step and build a record(TN_params this has childs set the values TN_parms/SenderID(userdefined,TN_parms/ReceiverID(userdefined),TN_parms/DocumentID,TN_parms/DoctypeName) and doing this TN will recognize ur sender/receiver/documenttype(FlatFile in TN) these names are casesensitive

Please test this case.



You can create custom External ID types by using wm.b2b.editn:addEDIIDType or you can use User Defined ID Types.