External Process data collection not happening

Hi All,

Can you please help me out from the following situation,

i am calling addStronglyTypedEvent or addStronglyTypedEvents or addStronglyTypedDimension or addStronglyTypedDimensions with simple input values , but i am not able to see the data being shown up in the MyWebMethods UI. i.e under the KPI configuration -> Business Data tab, i need to finish it fast. The webservice call is sucessful, but nothing happens after that , it will be nice if any of you can explain me the flow that happens after the call to these webservices.


As per my first post, in my My webmethods ui, in the Webmethods configuration --> System configuration -> System information , the information shows clearly that the controller and datahandler is functioning normally, but the My webnmethods server is not available as attached in a pic along with the post, can you please let me know what steps should be taken to make it available.

Sivananda R


I am not sure if it is a bug, but I have the same problem. My webmethods server is shown as unavailable. I showed the same to WM support in one of our demo sessions. They didn’t seem to know why at that time. But, as far as I know, that is not an issue. My manager still works as expected.

Thanks a lot for the answer , i felt the same since my webmethods server is working fine without any problem, but i am facing problems w.r.t data that i am pushing to the satelite via the addStronglyTypedEvents and addStronglyTypedDimensions, but these events are not visible in the webmethods confiugration -> Business DAta --> unassociated. Can you please explain me how it works when you push the data to the satelite what happens exactly after that.

Thanks for your reply, awaiting for your answer, thanks in advance.


Please refer to this thread on advantage.
This might help you to some extent. I am guilty of not implementing WS Agent completely. I was trying to figure out how it works and got dragged to other issues.

Thanks a lot for the info, i went through it , i am able to send data and data gets reflected in the database , but doesnt get reflect in the Business Monitoring page. Thanks a lot for the link and the reply.