Process Instances do not show Step Sumary

Webmethods Optimize Issue - Webmethods process instances do not show step summary. The data sent to the datahandler via WS DCA gets to the staging table in the process tracker schema but it is not able to get to the BAM_PT_STEP_INST table. There are no evident errors with respect to this in the datahandelr logs. However, the logs do mention that data could not be inserted into the BAM_PT_ERROR_INST table because the ERROR_INST_ID is null.

Logged fields are displayed correctly.

Questions - Internally, what are the factors that determine data movement between staging and the actual tables and what are the possible scenarios this can fail?

Does the data from staging move to the actual tables as FIFO and does it retry putting records in to the STEP table if it failed the first time.

It looks like the task mentioned in the process tracker config file which processes the staging data fails.

Any help in this regard is appreciated.