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Hi All,

This is a part of webMethods 10.11. I am trying to work on a POC for rest service. To do that, I need to set the extended settings for rest. I did make a search in extended settings and saw that rest service was added, but it is asking for server restart. I did all possible ways

  1. Shutdown and edit in server.cnf
  2. Shutdown IS
  3. Restart IS. etc

Nothing is working. Because of which i am not able to work on rest resources. Need help please… Can someone guide me how to reflect the extended settings please?

The reload icon is not an indicator of state, it’s a hint to tell you that you will have to restart if the value changes. So you will always see it shown next to these types of attributes.
However if you have restarted then the setting will have been applied.

Hi Kaushik

Can you please clarify what exactly you are trying to do? Are you trying to change the value for the watt.server.RESTDirective and upon restart you see the value reverted to default(rest)?

The page REST Capabilities In Integration Server - Knowledge base - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums has detailed information on how to use REST , perhaps this would help.


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Some of the extended settings can be changed dynamically and some cannot. Those that cannot are used by Integration Server during initialization. The two you’ve circled - watt.server.RESTDirective and watt.server.RESTDirective.V2 - are not dynamic properties.

You can see the documentation here. It says, “If you change the setting of this parameter, you must restart Integration Server for the changes to take effect.”

Oh. I was under assumption that it is meant as, we need to restart it. All these new changes in webMethods, is too much to take in, if u are not been guided on it…

Thanks a lot. Makes sense now.

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