Missing variable restartHours in monitor.cnf file


I am currently working on configuring some aspects of the server and have a question regarding a specific configuration variable in the monitor.config file.

The configuration variable I am inquiring about is “restartHours.” I have not been able to find detailed information about this variable.

Could you please provide me with information about the purpose and usage of the “restartHours” variable in the monitor.config file.

I am getting the below error in the server logs.
Missing variable restartHours in the monitor.config file.

Assuming you are referring to version 10.11 , more information can be found at Statistics Data Collector Configuration Parameters
However, this property must have been present in the monitor.cnf by default.
Please check if there were any manual changes done on this file, Also share more details

  1. Is the Integration Server able to start up?
  2. Do you see any issues while accessing the IS admin dashboard?
  3. More entries from the server log could help diagnose the problem.


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