Export XML from Tamino DB

I have 1 XML document with inoid=1 on my DB,
I will have a frontend.
Here, user will enter the path for the XML file.

How do I export the whole xml document
from DB on to the harddisk ?

I use Java, XQuery and JDOM.


hello aykut,

i cannot clearly detect, where your problem lies.
the way i see it:
use the TaminoAPI4J to access the database and retrieve the desired document via query.
as the result of the query you can, for example, receive a DOM object, which you can “serialize” to a string and write this string via regular java.io classes to the file system.
probably more efficient is if you dont receive the result as DOM object but as raw IO stream and pass it directly to the java.io for writing to the file system.

hope this helps, but if not, let us know what exactly you are missing.

andreas f.