Errors not being logged in WMERROR table

Hi, The errors are not appearing in the WMERROR table although the services are throwing exceptions. Is there any configuration/setting somewhere to make this happen ? The Audit settings in the service which is throwing exceptions is set as follows:
Enable auditing: When top-level service only
Log on:Error only

Please help.

Do you see on IS admin page error under logs

Is this service which throws exception a top-level service in runtime?

If auditing is setup you can verify services in MWS for any action(sucess/failure)

Monitoring->Services (Check for top level service)

Mahesh - I can see in IS Admin page, under Logs, there is Error and there are logs for some internal services(e.g from WmRoot) but not for custom IS services.

Xiaowei - Yes, this is a top-level service. As an example, when I am running it directly from Designer, throwing an Exception and catching it in the catch block, the exception does not show up in the WMERROR table.

Sai - I need to see the Error in the error log table as we want to correlate between this table and a custom Error Log table that we are building.

Thanks for your comments.

If you already catch the exception, then it won’t be in error log.

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