Errors in server.log

Hello everyone,

I need a suggestion regarding java exception error.

2015-12-30 09:02:05 CET [ISS.0095.0006E] AuditLogManager: Exception auditing start of service invocation:sendByMail:

And /OR

2015-12-30 14:01:02 CET [ISS.0095.0006E] AuditLogManager: Exception auditing start of service invocation:sendByFAX:

those are few services which are trying to invoke some services in that package. this same service is everywhere in all ISes and running normal without any error.This error we are getting in that mentioned time stamp. Even there is no problem with code/serializable version. Please suggest me any idea regarding the same.

I have gone through the IS error reference document. I got a solution like, change the logging level from info to trace. If I do so, then file system is getting filled fast. Please give any possible ways to get an RCA for this error.


Could you please be specific about what services are being invoked in which package?

Hello Prasad,

Thanks for your reply.

Package is custom package and its name is TeToPartner_V2
Service name is “TeToPartner_V2.transport:sendByMail”

I think package and service name is not sufficient to look more into this. Please have a look in the error “sendByMail:”.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have any TN implementation under hood these services?

Hi Prasad,

Yes, the documents are retrived from TN transcation.


Ajay – Can you share wM version with fix level ?


The WM version is


Ajay – Can you tell me what DB business logic did you design in that service which is throwing stated error.


Kindly share details like what exactly you used as part of service like normal query, dynamic or customer or SP or SP with signature, input, output fields, their corresponding data types, …


Above details are really needed to spot the error, once we identify the error we can try to fix it in many a ways.



There is no DB business logic, this service is sending email or fax with attachment.

Ajay – I don’t have clue, better write to SAG to assist.


One should have an idea about the custom implementation done under hood to analyze the error.