ErrorCode 50 from SUM, installing AdabasCE

I am trying to install the new version of Adabas and Adabas Manager CE from November 2018.
During the installation SUM is executed, but it ends with error code 50 and the installation ends.

I have allowed SUM thru my Norton Firewall. So, this is not the problem. Norton is not blocking the access.

I attach the log-file from C:\AdabasNaturalCE\SAGUpdateManager\logs

How can I proceed?
launcher.log (29 KB)

Hello Ivan,

we’ve been able to reproduce and solve the problem on our side.
We are currently preparing an update for the Adabas-CE.

This may take up 2 two weeks.
I will post it to the forum, once the new Adabas-CE version is available.

If you want to have a more quick solution, pls. contact us.

Thanks and cheers,

Hello Ivan,

the solution is published.
Pls. be aware of