Error while saving Service


Sometimes when saving a service in Business connector we get “Null Error”. Detailed info says “Stack is full”.

When this problem occurs we are forced to close the developer and repeat the changes and try Saving again.

Is there a way to overcome this problem ?

Thanks & Regards,

I have not seen this problem earlier. Are you using the latest version of the SAP BC. Try increasing the JVM size. Make sure the min and maxmem is more than the default setting that it comes with.

Sorry to confuse…there is no SAP BC involved. Make sure you have the latest TN and IS…as they have a number of patches and fixes.

Hi, Muthiah.

Is there a particular action you are taking when the error occurs? I know you mentioned it is on a “Save”, but is there some action in the Developer that you taking that seems to trigger the problem?

Also, what versions are you running and what patches have you installed?


Hello Dan Green,

We are on SAP Business connector Version 4.6 (940 + Fix 2)

I have noticed this error while saving big services sometimes.
Not able to relate to any particular action or sequence in Developer.

When this happens I close & open the developer again, repeat the changes & save. Mostly it goes thru…

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Hi Muthaih,

Can You please copy your error here, either as it displaying in Developer and/or from the log file.

As it appearing and It looks the problem in configuration settings in IS.

Thank You,