Business Connector 4.7 Performance


We are using Business Connector 4.7 as Integration server to convert EDI to IDOC(SAP) and vice versa. But when we are developing flowservices, it is taking huge amount of time to create, modify and even to open the exsisting flowservices. We are accessing the server over a high speed network (512MBPS Leased line). We consulted our network administrators, and they confirmed it is not a network problem. Can anybody suggest, any setting we need to do on BC server to increase its performance .

Thanks & Regards
Vijayanand Poreddy

Hi Vijayanand,
Since you are working on the large EDI/IDOC Document structure, increase the memory available to your Developer to at least 256MB in developer.bat on your laptop/desktop. If it is still slow, then start looking at the Box hosting the BC IS.