Error while installing CentraSite CE821CE_Win32_With_Installer


I tried to install CentraSite CE as described in But i am facing one issue with installation and the error is as follows.

What i observed was the following services are not started and giving error attached.

Software AG System Management Hub 8.2
Software AG Tomcat Server 8.2

I am working on Windows 7 32-bit desktop. please assist me.

Tirumal Reddy
installLog.txt (87.1 KB)

Can any one help please. is my windows version is a issue.

installLog.txt (225 KB)

Please check your license file if Windows 7 64bit is supported or not.
Maybe it is only supporting 32bit.

Check your installation location and configured repository location to have the appropriates rights.
Maybe the user you are using for installation is lacking some administrative rights on your box.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply.
For my issue, I am using the right image for 64bit (imaCSCEWindowsX64) downloaded from the community.
If you look into the log file I attached, it is using 64 bit image.It is complaining about not finding few windows OS related files like C:\Windows\system32\qwinsta.exe in the desired location.

it is giving below message in the install log as well.

16:46:11 notice INM[TRACE] : '06-APR-2015 16:46:10 INODST1751: Start of CentraSite backup processing version 9.5.1 on Windows

06-APR-2015 16:46:11 INODSF1180: The operating system is not specified within the license file

Attaching the supported versions for Centrasite.
Anyway, I am trying to arrange a windows 7 / 8 ( Professional or enterprise edition) to solve this. Will update.

Looks like you have missed the note number 3 for the architecture x86-64, that CentraSite is only supporting the 32bit version.

system32 relates to the 32bit portion of Windows and SysWOW64 relates to the 64bit portion.

I was focussing on the following line from your post:
06-APR-2015 16:46:11 INODSF1180: The operating system is not specified within the license file

Can you share the list of supported OS´ from your license file?


Hi Holger,

It may be possible that, the Centrasite CE image may not be supporting 64 bit or Windows 7 Home edition OS ? Not sure which one caused the issue. Bcoz the home edition was not in the supported OS list as I have shared earlier.

I arranged a laptop with Window 7 Enterprise OS version with 32 Bit and then I installed the image successfully from dump which is applicable for 32 bit.

Now I am able to install it properly and its running fine now.

Do you still need the license file ? I will check in my previous laptop and get back.


Hi Debasis,

probably both. As Windows Home is usually not supported at all and on the other side CentraSite is not supporting Windows 64bit (as mentioned in the requirements list).

As the instance is running now, there is no need for the license file any longer.