Error receiving Acks

On receiving acks from a vendor we see:
Doc type: unknown
Sender: Unknown
Receiver: Unknown
Conversation: Unknown

With message: /messageReceiverIdentification/PartnerIdentification/domain/FreeFormText/*body: VV-005 - [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist

Has anyone encountered this problem?


We’ll need a bit more information before being able to help. What kind of “ack”? XML? EDI? Flat file? Have you defined the document type in TN? If so, the ack you are receiving isn’t matching it for some reason – either a bad definition or a bad doc.

Resolve the “unknown doc type” issue first. Then tackle the others.

Morning reamon,
we are receiving XML acks. Yes we have defined the document in TN. It’s strange because it only happens with this particular vendor. All others are fine.


How is the identification in TN setup for this doc?


To resolve this issue, you have to apply one rosettanet modlue fix in your WM Environment and it will work fine…

Fix Details:

Thanks & Regards,