Error Message ARG0102 and ARG0103

What causes the error message ARG0102 (Network Error) and ARG0103 (Timeout in receive or accept) occur and what are the solutions in overcoming these problems? Thanks.

The error “ARG0102” indicates that the connection to the host has failed.
This may occur for one of the following reasons:
1. The host name could not be resolved.
To resolve this, check with your network administrator and
enter the host in your network configuration correctly.
2. The port number of the argsrv is not correct.
Check the setup of the argsrv and enter the proper port number.
3. The argsrv daemon process has not been started on the database server.
Start the argsrv daemon process.

the ARG0103 error should
* no longer occur with tamino version 3.1.x
* occur only with commands that have a “long” execution time (usually above 1 minute)

Increase the following registry key values from 60 (secs) to 300 and restart
the services ‘SAG CSLayer Service’ and ‘SAG MILayer Service’.
HKLM/SOFTWARE/SAG/System Management Hub/MiLayer/Tcp_Ip_Recv_Timeout
HKLM/SOFTWARE/SAG/System Management Hub/CSLayerServer/Tcp_Ip_Recv_Timeout

I tried to start the argsrv daemons. It gave me the following message:-
argsrv:syntax error at line 1:’(’ unexpected

how do i solve this in order to startup the daemon successfully?

thank you.