Error in creating Build using Deployer


We are trying to create the build from deployer. But its throwing the below error.

From Build Report,

Error extracting IS package “SampleTransformations”: [ISS.0086.9256] File [replicate/outbound/] does not exist

From IS logs,

[636]2012-10-17 10:34:34 HKT [DEP.0000.0000E] error in opening zip file
[637] at Method
[638] at
[639] at
[640] at com.wm.deployer.extract.Build.load(
[641] at com.wm.deployer.extract.Extractor.createBuild(
[642] at wm.deployer.UIExtractor.extractSource(

Folder permissions are seems to be fine, please help us to resolve this issue.


What is the IS/Deployer version you are using?..Did you search on the empower KB as well?

Thanks RMG, you made my day!!! I found some related article in empower KB.
The reason is deployer patch is missing.

Deployer Version : 8.2

Installing the latest patch will fix the issue.


Could you please provide the KB Article # you refered to ?

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