Deployer - Build Export Failed


I’m exporting a build which is getting failed with ‘Network error’. When I try to re-export the build receiving the ‘Build ‘XYZ_ExportedBuild_myBuild’ already exists in the replicate/outbound directory. Do you want to overwrite the existing build?’ message, which is not visible in the replicate/outbound directory.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Saritha,

please note that Deployer has its own replicate/outbound directory under packages/WmDeployer/replicate/outbound.
It is not using the common replicate/outbound directory visible directly under the IS instance directory.

If this does not answer your question please provide more details.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for your reply.
I know that Deployer has it’s own replicate folder and apologies if it’s deviates the topic. I would like to now the reason behind receiving the download Failed - 'Network error’ when exporting a build.


Hi @Saritha_Paladugu3 , kindly involve your network and system team to see if the export is getting timed out at network layer. Could be possible if this export of build trying to write on to mount gets failed ?

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