Error faced while trying to add installation from Web UI


While trying to add an installation, under “Install Platform Manager remotely” I am getting this error - CCEREPE0011: NotAfter: Mon Nov 23 10:29:04 EST 2015

Is there any solution for this or any work around?

PS: I have not checked “Use SSL”.

Along with this, “Operating System” is coming as empty.

You have broken connection to ‘local’ SPM because of expired SSL certificate

As described in the article to address this problem you needed to switch all SPM connections to use HTTP, including ‘local’ SPM node.

Use HTTP communication. To switch to HTTP, in the Command Central web user interface, clear the “Use SSL” checkbox, specify the Platform Manager HTTP port and refresh the page.
Once you switch local node to HTTP your platform list would come up as non empty.

The above page also provides this update:

Dec 16 UPDATE: The 9.9 fix (CCE 9.9 Fix2) is available on SDC as part of the updated Command Central Bootstrap Installer which can be downloaded from and re-executed against existing CCE 9.9 GA and/or CCE 9.9 Fix1 installation created either using CC Bootstrap Installer (cc-all-9.9-fix1-) or the regular SAG Installer. You can also use updated cc-all-9.9-fix2- CC Bootstrap Installer to setup new installations of CCE 9.9.


More info on Bootstrap installation is here: