Error during password validation shows up when doing bulk registration

Hi guys,

As title, every time when I upload my CSV file for bulk registration of LwM2M device, the error message shows up.

I have uploaded the same CSV file successfully in the beginning of April.
By changing the credential, I could upload the the CSV file successfully even if the error message showed up.
However, this time I can’t use the same way to upload my CSV file.
Is there any change of this?


You need to unique password every time in CSV file.
The Cumulocity IoT platform stores the credentials for a device owner associated with a particular device. Hence, if you delete a device while the device owner is not deleted and the same CSV is used again for bulk registration, then the platform no longer considers it as a unique credential and throws an error. To resolve this either use new credentials or a new ID for the device. The other way to resolve this is to delete the credentials from the device credentials options under management.


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