Error creating record from xml schema

I am trying to create a record from a xml schema. The schema I am using is well formed and valid. Once I pick the xsd file from the drop down in the and click finish, I am getting the following error:
Warning: 0
identifier: /schema/complexType[@name=“InvoiceLineItemTypeTR”]

source: -----   Source   -----	
<complexType abstract="false" mixed="false" name="InvoiceLineItemTypeTR">	

warningCode: XSDC-081
warningMessage: [B2BCORE.0082.9702] Duplicate definition found in another schema with the same target namespace

I do not understand why the integration server can not create this record and schema from the xml schema, has anyone run into the this before?

This is a warning and should not impact the creation of the Record.

The message is telling you that the XML Schema type (as defined with a namespace, localName pair) has already been defined in an IS Schema object that is already in one of the packages on your IS.

If you are using schemas that have ‘high-level’ contructs that use the same ‘base’ types, it is possible to get this warning without doing anything ‘wrong’.

IS assumes that the existing uniquely defined type is to be used and does not create a new one.

Are there problems with the generated Record?

well, honestly I am not sure.

I’m missing part of your message, but if you are worried that there are multiple records created from a single schema - don’t be.

IS will look in the schema for ‘repeating chunks’ and make these sub-parts of the record into their own records. The ‘main’ record will contain record references to these sub-parts.

The reason this is done is to allow re-use of the sub-parts to make mapping easier (as the parts are built into or decomposed from the full document).


gotcha, I have about half a dozen schemas and some are including a library. The duplicate records created for each of the schemas that include that library makes sense. Also, the fact that all these schema reference the same namespace was the reason for the warning message. Thanks for the info.