Server crash when defining schemas

I’ve just started working with Tamino 8.0, and have some trouble getting my xsd’s defined within the server. For some strange reason I can register the first four schemas (a pretty huge collection of schemas that depend on each other), but when I try to register more than this the server crashes no matter what. The same happens when I try to register the next schema AFTER these four are defined successfully. (also on validation)

“Pending alerts” says:

Nothing interesting in event logs…

Hope someone knows why this happens! :slight_smile:

Hi l3dx,
this sounds like you have discovered a real bug that is not known yet.
I suggest you report this bug to Software support center. For reproduction purposes it would be good if you can attach the schemas.

Best Regards,
Michael Gesmann

Where do I file the bug?

I’m trying to register the WITSML 1.3.1 schemas (

I’m to some extent able to define them. But I have to load one at the time, validate after each load, and then finally define all the validated schemas. Defining the schemas in groups is not possible. After one define, the server crash no matter what I do.

Hi l3dx,

thanks for the update. We got the schemas now and can use these for testing, analysis and fixing.

Regarding your question “Where can I file the bug?”: If you are working with Tamino 8, I assume you are having a regular maintenance contract for Tamino? In that case you can contact the Software AG Support organization and they will then help you, e.g. they can provide you with a work-around (if there is one), or they can help with a quick fix if there is one available already now. Otherwise the problem will probably be fixed with the next service pack.

Best Regards,

Michael Gesmann


there are two aspects in your issue:
(a) I have seen that the WITSML 1.3.1 schemas are a collection of many schemas - all with the same target namespace. This is a usage pattern which is not very efficient for Tamino.

Preferably, you should use a single schema instead where all definitions are combined in. This can be obtained e.g. by storing all schema documents in ino:etc and executing an appropriate XQuery to generate a merged schema.

Find attached the XQuery and the resulting schema which can be defined without any problem in Tamino 8.0.

(b) Nevertheless, the server crash must be fixed. Could be you please provide an XML request log + Xmachine dump for the respective scenario?

Best regards
Uli (121 KB)