When i try to insert my schema i get:
An error occurred while processing a schema document; (mp-valid-doctype-name.3) For each doctype name where the doctype is not of type nonXML there must be a matching global element with a matching qualified name <INOXDE7931,INOXDE7917>
What’s wrong?
Thanks in advance

PS: this schema contains only element that i use in another schema. (can i store 2 schemas in the same collection?)

Presence2.tsd (1.83 KB)

Hi @nto,

you need to remove the “presence” Doctype element from the schema. When you define the schema from the schema editor, it will prompt for a doctype name but click ok and the schema will define fine.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

When i try to insert my xml i get the following error:

<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXDE7740”>(cvc-complex-type.2.4): element child error</ino:messagetext>
ino:messagelineLine 11, Column 36: [element “gpp:subscriberprovidedlocation” in element “gpp:location”]</ino:messageline>

What’s up?
schemas.zip (2.35 KB)

Hi @nto,

I think that the problem now is the qualified “gpp” names in the document. In the document all the elements which are defined in the “gpppresence” schema have qualified names - for example “gpp:subscriberprovidedlocation”.

In the “gpppresence” schema definition the value of “elementFormDefault” was set to “unqualified”. The “form” attributes of the element definitions were also set to “unqualified”. With this definition, documents containing elements without the “gpp:” prefix (i.e. unqualified) are expected.

As all the “gpp” elements in the document are qualified, I just changed “elementFormDefault” to “qualified” (rather than change all of the individual ones). Then the document can be inserted.

If you click on the schema node in the TSD4 tree-view (left-hand pane, topmost element) you will see “elementFormDefault” is the fifth entry in the “Logical Properties” pane. Simply change it to “qualified”, and define the schema again. (You will have to delete the referencing “presence” schema, change gpppresence, then define “presence” again.)

I hope that helps,