Hi all,
i have imported a dtd document for my project and when i m trying to connect it with my database then it connects normally but afterwards when everything is done then before finishing it gives the error as:

An error occured while processing a schema document;(mp-valid-doctype-name.3) For each doctype name where the doctype is not of the type nonXML there must be a matching global element with a qualified name<INOXDE7931,INOXDE7917>

i m attaching my tsd schema as well…
please try to help me…
SerialSchema.TSD (5 KB)

Hi Shuch

the error message means, that the value of the name attribute
of tsd:doctype must reference an existing global element declaration.

E.g. you might want to replace
<tsd:doctype name = “Tv_dtd”>
<tsd:doctype name = “SCHEDULE”>
in order to refer to
<xs:element name = “SCHEDULE”>

In addition, your schema lacks element declarations for the following
elements: DATE, YES, NO - they are referenced e.g. with
<xs:element ref=“DATE”>
but not declared.

After adding these declarations as well, your schema can be defined in Tamino.

Best regards

Thanks a lot Uli…it really worked…finally its DEFINED…