error 401 feedback and no cannot update non-xml file

I have a case where I could not update non-xml file (PDF file) to Tamino, it feed back error code 401.

Tamino on Sun Solaris 8;
iplanet 6.0 SP2 on Windows 2000 Professional (with LDAP setting)(full rights for all on ACL); Local LAN Addressing;
Sample VB Pogram from Tamino to update non-xml
Using VB - TaminNonXML API

Please help me ~

mark ~

Hi Mark,

is this the same question as the one from today?

If not, can you try this without any security settings? Could you provide us with the source code of your program?

Cheers, Christian.

P.S. Please do not use “Poll” postings for normal questions and direct further ActiveX API questions to the “ActiveX API” forum. Thanks!

Hello Mark,

can you tell whether this 401 response is coming from the web server or from the Tamino server? The Tamino server should only produce 401 response codes when the authentication mode “tamino” is set, which is probably not the case, since you’re using the web server to authenticate against LDAP, right?