Problem with upload non-xml documents


I currently develop a web-application with Tamino 4.2.1 Database and .Net. I have made a class that permits to upload non-xml documents and it works fine. But at this time, there was no security on the database.

So then I have made a tamino authentication with one user and a password. After I have inserted all information about the user and its password into .Net and I have tried again the web-app and it works still fine except one thing.

There is a problem with the uploading of non-xml files. With the web-app, the first file I want to upload works fine, but as sonn as I try to upload after a second one, it doesn’t function. I have looked into the code and it’s when I do the insert of the document with Tamino API into the database (TaminoResponse response = command.Insert(doc)) that it blocks.

How can I solve this problem?

Hello Roland,

can you please give some more information about what exactly happens, when you are not able to upload the second file? What response code is returned by Tamino? What do you mean by “it blocks”? Can you post an excerpt of your code, so we can try to reproduce your problem? Please also post the contents of your ino:security (if it contains no secret information), so I can check the permissions you have set.

Heiko Weber

Does something similar happen if you run a standalone exe?

If it does could you provide a .NET trace file to support using a configuration file of the form (YourApp.exe.config):

			<add name="TaminoApiCore"  value="5" />
			<add name="TaminoHttpComms"  value="5" />
	        	<add name="TaminoDataAdapter" value="5" />
		<trace autoflush="true">
				<add name="MyListener"

Hello Heiko,

i will try to be as precise as I can. When I try to upload a second file, it seems that the web-app is stuck somewhere. There is no response code from Tamino. IE just show the same HTML page and that’s it. No changes. And when I look under the task Manager, I see that the processus aspnet_wp.exe reaches a very high quota of memory (87000 Ko).

So I think the problem is that Tamino gives no response even when I debug the web-app.

The file I send you are not confidential. I am just doing tests. The file code.txt is a part of the class that I have implemented.

code.txt (1.84 KB)

Here is the ino security file.

ino_security.txt (1010 Bytes)

Hello Roland,

according to your security definitions, there is no authorization taking place when you are accessing “contractXCol/nonXML”, so the only difference to not using any security would be that an authentication of the users is performed. Have you written any other applications with the .NET API and used security? Is that problem only occuring in the context of storing non-XML documents or in general?

Heiko Weber

Hi Heiko,

I didn’t write any other application with .Net and Tamino Security. It’s the first time. I have tried to do the same (upload two files) with interactive interface and it functions. So I think it’s really a problem between the API and the security with tamino.

Can you suggest me perhaps another way of securing the database?
What I would like is to block the access of all tamino web applications (interactive interface, x-plorer…) with an authentication. This permits to have a confidentiality of the data stored into tamino.

I tried uploading a small GIF to a test database using the .NET API and security as specified.

As far as I could tell a number of uploads worked fine.

Could you provide a copy of the .NET API code that you are using to upload the non-XML? Please also provide a copy of the non-XML schema that you are uploading to.