How insert Non XML Document with Xapp

X-Application Version: 3.1.3
Tamino Version : 3.1
Platform : Win2k
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3.1
JDK Version : 1.3.1

Hi everybody…

I need to insert Non XML Document (Images) in a tamino schema…
I don’t know how made it with xapp.

Thank you in advance…



I don’t understand your request. Do you need support for

(1) How to define schema for Non Xml Documents with X-Application.
(2) How to upload Non Xml Documents into Tamino with X-Application.
(3) How to display Non Xml Documents (Images) with X-Application.


Hi Christian,

I need upload Non xml documents into Tamino with Xapp…

For display I’m using :

<xapp:display select="/myschema/mySubnode/myelement_withtheimagename">
Image don't available




if you upload a file, the data of the HTTP request are transferred via “multipart form data”.

X-Application does not support this kind of parameters. Otherwise my propose would be a workspace plug-in that gets its parameters (file data) from the variables handler and uses the Tamino API for Java to transfer the data to the Tamino Server.

Since this approach is not possible you could write a servlet that handles the request. An example how to deal with file upload is the generator. Its web interface is a Servlet. For loading a schema the file is transferred via file upload.

Have look at the directoty


(1) (the Servlet)


(2) (class to extract the transferred parameters)


I came to almost the same conclusion when I needed to upload a binary file in my application. Though I used javax.mail library to parse multipart parameters.

But I was very disappointed that X-Application hides Tamino Java API in proctected properties and methods. So it’s imposible to use existing session and transaction to load a binary file in Tamino. That’s why data can become inconsistent.

Hello Alexander,

since X-Application comes with its source code, it is possible to change the modifiers of class members or adding new getter.

If you need the connection object from the store layer have a look at the class X-Application You could add a method ‘getTaminoConnection’ returning the TConnection.

Could you post your solution?

Perhaps we can itegrate it to one of the next X-Application versions.