Enterprise Manager 9.9 Fix 4 installation issue

Hi Everyone,

I have installed Enterprise Manager 9.9 Fix 4 and i am unable to start enterprise manager after that, I have restarted all active UM nodes too. It’s giving sort of name exception relating to duplicate channels . I have applied Realm Server 9.9 Fix 4 and which is working OK as of now (although i am yet to validate functionality).
If i am uninstalling Enterprise Manager fix, enterprise manager starts working fine :shock: . Anyone faced similar issue??

( Windows 7 version 6, Java 1.8.0_51)


Hi Arun,

please check if there common UM libs missing.

Looks like Fix4 requires a newer version of some of them or additional ones.

Please take a look at the Readme for Fix4 if there is a note about prerequisites for this Fix.

Please check for NUM_9.9.0_TC_Client_Fix4.
Usually it is a good advice to apply all these Fixes together where they apply to.


Hi Holger,

Issue is resolved. I had gone through read me of related fix, there wasn’t any fix requirement.

I have to install all related fixes then it started working. thanks for help.