Encrypt works at Unix command level but not via the encryptFile service in OpenPGP

When I execute the encrypt command from the OpenPGP:encrpytFile service within Developer I get status of 2 and an error of: usage: gpg [options] [filename]. When I execute the same command via a Unix prompt it works just fine. I have already debugged the IS run and the command in Developer is not getting cut off. I have also tried to double quote both the encryption key and the file name to eliminate any issues with spaces, and I have changed the file name being encrypted to a non-space name.
System is:
Updates IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix14
Java Version 1.6.0_19 (50.0)
Command being issued:
/usr/bin/gpg --homedir /opt/webmethods/…/IntegrationServer/gnupg --no-tty --armor --yes --recipient “Encrption Key <name@EncrptionKey.com>” --encrypt-files “/dropbox/locationOfFile/Filename.xml”

Any suggestions as to what is going on or what I might be missing?