enable SSL Debug for Application running on Windows


Can anyone advise me how do i correctly enable ssl debug on for application running on windows? This is what I have done:
Added these two properties in server.cnf : watt.net.ssl.debug=true and watt.ssl.iaik.debug=true
started server from cmd and piped stderr to file.
Still unable to find any logs related to ssl_debug.
i am using 9.8 trialversion.
Also i see on administrator there is security logs available for view under Logs category, how is this different from above settings? Isnt that should show SSL logs?

Check wrapper.conf and custom_wrapper.conf in /profiles/IS_default/configuration directory. One of them might contain a line similar to:


Thanks for the reply, but none of the file contains this property. do you want this to be added?

ssl debug are written in the SoftwareAG98\profiles\IS_default\logs\wrapper.log
not the server log.

Yes please add it and check the logs from /profiles/IS_default/logs/wrapper.log)

start IS with /profiles/IS_default/bin/startup.sh

thanks it worked!!!