Email polling port configuration


I am trying to create an email polling port, which is intended to poll certain emails (unsubscribe user from mailing list) and then call a flow service. I have done all the configuration in the ports(IS Admin page):

  • For SMTP Host : I have added the mail server
  • For Port : I have tried both 143 and 25
  • For username/password : I have tried central user id and also the local user(administrator privileges)

I am able to send and receive mails using the mailbox, But the port is not getting configured.
I have also referred the admin guide, but it didn’t helped.

Please suggest me some solution.

Best regards…
Abhishek Jain


I assume you have access to Email Box that you are trying to access.

Please paste the screen shot of Security > Ports > Edit Email Client Configuration.



Sorry for being late, but the issue has been resolved. We were not having the sufficient privileges for the mail box.

Thanks any ways … :slight_smile:


We are trying to configure the email port but getting errors like unable to login to account username@hostname.

I have a doubt here. Is the host name same as the one which we use for smtp service(like smtp.domainname of organization) or is it the hostname which we use to configure email (like mail.domainname of organization).

If it is the host name of email client , then for user name and password can I use my email credentials?

I tried using the above but couldn’t login .

Please assist.


Hi Sathya,

this will be dependent on your email provider.
Some of them are using a central host name for both directions (SMTP and IMAP4/POP3) and some are using different hostnames.

Also check if the nail ports are secured or not.

Check with your email provider.