Email Client Listener Configuration...Unable to set up an em

Objective: Integration server should read emails that a particular email ID gets periodically and send it to a flow service for its message body parsing.

I am having a problem regarding configuring an email port in the integration server.

Below are the details I have:
1.mail server ip address/hostname
2.user name(my e-mail id) and password to access the mail server.

I have done the below mentioned steps according to the Integration Server Admin Guide. Following are the entries made in the admin console:

Hi Sundeep,
Have you tried giving

Host name: name of exchange server on which on the mail box sits.

In Extended properties did you set the smtp server name.

Also, try giving username followed by the smtp server name.
Username - user
server name -

Then you try as username.


Hi Indrani,

Hi Sundeep,

I’m facing the same problem with the email port, getting the same error:

“Could not log into account>”

Please let me know the solution, if the problem was resolved for you.