Unable to start Email Port.

Greetings, I’m trying to set up an email client listener port but I’m having no luck enabling it. I’m sure the setting are correct but when I try to enable the port I get the following message:

Failed to start EmailListener:imap:gaieval@aglc.goa.ds: [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account gaieval@aglc.goa.ds

Our email server in Microsoft Exchange, but there could be some issue with the type; the options are POP3 or IMAP but our mail administrators say that exchange uses MAPI.

Has anyone run in to this issue? How was it resolved?

IMAP should work when going against exchange. Make sure you have the correct setup by doing a telnet to the exchange server

$ telnet xchange 143

You should see the exchange server imap response.

You can then test your user/password

$ a01 login user password

$ a02 logout

Thanks for the response.

I tried the telnet on port 143; no good - could not open connection to the host on port 143: connection failed.

Now we have a different piece of software here the connects via port 25, so I tried the telnet from our WebMethods server and I was able to establish a connection. I then tried to set up the Email Listener on port 25 but I still get the original message (unable to logon).

So this now leaves me with some questions:
Does the email listener port have to be 143 if using imap?
The ID and Password specified in the Listener setup, is this expected to be a local id on our exchange server?
I don’t think we have Port 143 opened to our exchange server, should this be opened completely or do we just open it for a specific type of traffic?

Port 25 is the outbound SMTP port, it is not for retrieving email. You will have to get the exchange admin to enable IMAP on their server. The credentials you provide for the listener are for the exchange server.

Our exchange admin has enabled IMAP on the server and I can telnet on port 143 but I’m still getting the accessed denied message.

According to the documentation, User Name = User name that identifies you to the mail server. We do all our authentication via LDAP and the id and password I’m using is valid in our AD. Are there some special user rights or privileges that need to be granted to this ID?


In wm7.1 email port was working fine, we are trying to create email port wm97 i have give all information.

I am getting below error any one can help me how to resolve the issue.

Failed to start EmailListener:imaps:G02\Brab2blive@imap4.emeia.fujitsu.local: [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account G02\Brab2blive@imap4.emeia.fujitsu.local

Make sure you have the latest fix levels installed on IS. Also make sure you do not have issues with your email server.

Try debugging adding the extended setting on IS: watt.config.systemProperties=mail.debug=true

which jar did you use ? Did you see is that compatible with your mail exchange server ?