email polling


I have configured:

email receive:

  • Administrator webPage > Security > Ports > Add Port
  • select webMethods/Email
  • select default package to receive emails (or leave default WmRoot)
  • enter email account info in Server Information section
  • enter name of Default service
  • define an input object type for the service called “contentStream”
  • use createMimeData to convert to IData object

My service has

pub.mime.createMimeData (map contentStream to input)
pub.mime.getBodyPartContent (part 0 = header, 1 = attachment)

I get the errors:
[1635]2004-04-14 12:37:31 EST [ISP.0068.0009W] EMAIL Access denied. User Administrator not allowed to run service
[1634]2004-04-14 12:37:28 EST [ISS.0051.0008D] Listener EmailListener:pop3:email address was denied access to service
[1633]2004-04-14 12:37:28 EST [ISP.0068.0025V2] No content handler for content type multipart/mixed. Service called without content handler.
[1632] boundary=“----_=_nextpart_001_01c421c9.4b60e180” Subject:
[1631]2004-04-14 12:37:26 EST [ISP.0068.0026V2] Content type: multipart/mixed;

I have checked and the polling port has permission to run the service. What else could cause the problem?

Hi Team,

I am facing the same issue . does any one has solution for this???



I have faced the same issue.
The solution was to set the Access Mode for the port to “Allow” (or add the service to the allow list).

I hope I could help!