email parsing from IS

Hi friends,
I need to parse the emails that come to a particular email id and process the message body of that mail.
Any ideas and suggestions to implement it in the best way would be grateful.



There are lot of threads in this forum discussed on this topic.

Please use the search functionality in this forum…keyword search on "email processing " you will get many results and filter it.


Objective: Integration server should read emails that a particular email ID gets periodically and send it to a flow service for its message body parsing.

I am having a problem regarding configuring an email port in the integration server.

Below are the details I have:
1.mail server ip address/hostname
2.user name(my e-mail id) and password to access the mail server.

I have done the below mentioned steps according to the Integration Server Admin Guide. Following are the entries made in the admin console:

  1. Package name: pkgName[/font]
    2. Host name: (also tried with IP address)
    4.user name: user
    5.password: pwd
    6.time interval :30

    7.port(optional):25 services as user:Administrator.
    9.require authorization within message:no.
    10.access mode:allow by default.

while trying to enable the above port, I got the error as:

Failed to start EmailListener: pop3: [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account

I also checked test email ID with OUTLOOK. It could send and receive mails.

I tried pinging the mail server from the IS machine, it worked.

Your replies would be grateful…

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